OBR Sri Lanka will be organising a demonstration at Lipton Circus at 4.30pm on Thursday, 14th of February 2013 followed by a candlelight vigil at the same location at 6pm, dedicated to all the women and children who have been abused, harassed, raped and killed because of Gender Based Violence. They invite everyone to come dressed in black, red or pink to show your solidarity towards the movement.
Its a good cause, I think one should support it in whatever way one can, not least by speaking up whenever we witness it, in our houses, families or amongst friends.


women’s day 2013-stop rape


Sri Lanka has made  its commitment under International Law to “pursue by all means and without delay a policy of eliminating discrimination against women which includes the duty to,  take all appropriate measures including legislation, to modify or abolish existing laws, regulation, customs and practices which constitute discrimination against women”.  It is undeniable that the status of women has improved in Sri Lanka in the past 50 years; however  it is also indisputable that gender violence is a reality many women face on a daily basis and needs urgent attention.

“Winning Back the Night”


Women’s groups, activists, youth groups and the GBV Forum in collaboration with the Women and Media Collective will take joint initiatives for a short night walk called “Winning Back the Night” to spotlight the issues of the freedom of mobility for women and gaining recognition for women’s right to be in public places without facing sexual harassment.It will commemorate International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25 in line with 16 days of activism.The walk will start from Sarasavi Udyanaya, Borella on November 25 at 5.30pm.

AHRC Condemns State Media Attack On Nimalka Fernando


The threats posed to the life of  Nimalka Fernando – a well-known trade unionist, political activist and a human rights defender – by the commercial channel of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation on 4thNovember 2013,   is yet another instance of the stark and blatant abuse of the State Media to intimidate, harass and humiliate a person, purely due to political reasons

Protest held in Borella over rape of Jaffna school girl

A protest was staged at the Borella Cemetery Roundabout condemning the rape and murder of  Vidya Sivaloganadan, a schoolgirl in Jaffna. The protesters staged this demonstration demanding justice for Vidya Sivaloganadan.A list of 16 demands for women and children was also presented during this protest. The protest concluded following a candle light vigil for the victim.




අධිකරණය ඇත – විනිසුරුවන් ඇත
යුක්‌තිය නිසි ලෙස – “බලය” සමග ඇත

Abortion is a Personal Discussion….Not a Legal Debate


Sri Lanka with criminal laws penalizing abortion still witness 800 illegal abortions per day

Sri Lanka is a country with a mix of English common and and European civil law, together with customary laws of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. In this legal regime execution of an abortion is considered as a crime and therefore a penal offense. This is because the parliament of Sri Lanka has made laws to the effect that the abortions in the country are illegal. However it is a mockery of rule of law in the country to note that more than 800 abortions are done in Sri Lanka every day and that among them there are women who enter sate hospitals in the pretext of taking treatment for various complex health situations.

Sri Lanka seems to be compromising laws adopted by its own parliament and allowing these illegal abortions, which is a shame as the rule of law seems to be applying only to the political opponents in the true sense as the law intended to be applied by the parliament.

According to the information revealed the country’s birth rate is affected due to to the high abortion mortality rate as a result of the abortions before a child is given birth. The politicians seems to be compromising the execution of law and prosecutions are not done as required by law by the country’s police department.

In such an event without insulting the people in the country specially the innocent women who face these consequences the parliament of the country must make necessary changes to the law. This is not happenings at the moment due to the reason that Sir Lanka family based politicians fear of losing their voter base for them and their children, thus avoid action.